Toxic Critters

For the 6th edition of Belgium’s furry convention, our team would love to lure you into the intriguing Toxic City at the Bedford Hotel & Congress Center in Brussels.

Let's bring everyone around and party under the neon lights! Beware of the toxic waste though: radioactivity is not a joke, and you never know what you can get close to…

Save the date!

6th-10th November, 2024



Party hard at the dance where the DJs will be playing a nice selection of music. Whether you like House, Hardcore, Drum and bass, Dubstep, Techno or something else, our DJs have a beat to everybody's liking!


Each year Flüüfff organises a variety of panels ranging from more serious informative ones such as the Furry Femme panel to more fun ones such as the Coffee panel!

Of course a con is nothing without its attendees and they have shown interest in hosting their own panels too. Do you have some creative panels/activities in mind or do you want to share your enthusiasm about something you love or know a lot about? Make sure to submit your idea through the panel proposal form (as many did before you)!

Show night

With all this toxicity going on, we should lighten the mood... with a Show Night! Want to show off your skills, bring some magic to the stage and/or put up a (comedy) show? If you want to host an act or performance, alone or with some friends, make sure to let us know by filling out our Show Night form!

Welcome to Flüüfff

It’s a Belgian furry convention, located in Brussels! A furry convention is an event dedicated to anthropomorphic characters and a gathering place for all furries and their friends.

Flüüfff is spread over 5 days, the 6th of November to the 10th of November 2024. The convention takes place in the Bedford hotel.

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